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The Great Indian Kitchen is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-languagedrama film written and directed by Jeo Baby.[1] The film tells the story of a newly wed woman (Nimisha Sajayan) who struggles to be the submissive wife that her husband (Suraj Venjaramood) and his family expect her to be.[2][3] The music was composed by Sooraj S. Kurup and Mathews Pulickan. The movie was directly released on Neestream on 15th January 2021.[4]The film was highly critically acclaimed and won Kerala State Film Award for Best FilmBest Screenplay award for Jeo Baby and Best Sound Designer award for Tony Babu.

Story plot of mayalam movie The Great Indian Kitchen

An educated dancer (Nimisha Sajayan), raised in Manama, Bahrain finds herself in an arranged marriage to a teacher (Suraj Venjaramood) in a very traditional and patriarchal family. While the domestic routine of the Wife begins in the sweet bliss of a new marriage, things begin to go down south. The drudgery of the kitchen and its many unpleasantries – cleaning, dirty vessels and leaking taps is left to the women while the men mostly indulge themselves with their phone or yoga. The family is so patriarchal that her mother-in-law hands the toothbrush to her husband, the father-in-law, in the morning for him to brush his teeth. The men eat their meals first and leave the place a mess without concern for how the women can eat food at the same place after them. Their convenience and comfort always come before consideration for their wives. While the new bride takes a while to adjust to these new surroundings and eventually somewhat makes peace with them, her mother-in-law goes to take care of her daughter who is seven months pregnant.

The whole responsibility of cooking, cleaning and other household chores falls on her. Her egotistical Husband is inconsiderate of her needs and feelings. When she tells him that it hurts when having sex and asks for some foreplay, he doubts that she has had previous experiences. Her father-in-law forbids her from finding employment, citing that a woman in the house brings prosperity to the family. When she gets her period, she is appalled to discover that the families’ beliefs regarding menstruation are extremely regressive. She is asked to hole herself up in a room on the floor, bathe in the river, eat separately and wash all the things she touches. She is even asked to go stay with a relative or to sleep outside. While these events transpire, Kerala is grappling with the Sabarimala temple verdict where the courts decided that menstruation is not an impurity and so women should be allowed to visit the temple. A lot of people including the groom’s family do not approve of the verdict.

All these injustices boil over one day and end up with the wife throwing dirty kitchen sink water on her husband and father-in-law and leaving the family for her freedom and dignity. The film ends with a scene showing her as an independent dance teacher arriving in her own car while her husband is married again and the second wife seems to meet the first one’s fate.

Songs of malayalam movie lyrics latest The Great Indian Kitchen

Music by Sooraj S. Kurup , Mathews Pulickan

Title / Singer ( click on the song for the latest movie song lyrics of film The Great Indian Kitchen 2021

  1. Oru Kudam – Haritha Balakrishnan, Sulekha Kapadan
  2. Neeye Bhoovin – Renuka Arun

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