Latest malayalam film song lyrics Guardian 2021


Guardian is a Malayalam thriller film, directed by Satheesh Paul and starring Saiju Kurup and Miya George

Story plot of malayalam movie Guardian

Shruthi is the daughter of a well known businessman. She attempts to commit suicide due to love failure and Dr.Arun treats her and they both become good friends. They decide to marry each other. Both of them start to live a happy life when a person blackmails her that he has her intimate pictures. The rest of the movie revolves around police trying to solve the case.

Song lyrics of malayalam film movie Guardian

Music by Pradeep Tom

Song/ Title (click on the song for malayalam movie lyrics of film Gaurdian 2021)

  1. Venmathiye – Libin Scaria , Keerthana S.K
  2. Saavariya – Najeem Arshad , Sruthi Sivadas

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