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Nayattu (transl. The Hunt) is a 2021 Indian political thriller film directed and co-produced by Martin Prakkat and written by Shahi Kabir. It stars Kunchako BobanJoju George and Nimisha Sajayan in the lead roles and features Jaffar IdukkiAnil Nedumangad and Hakkim Shajahan in supporting roles.

Story plot of malayalam movie Nayattu

Praveen Michael rejoins the police force in a new station as a CPO (civil police officer). A local political goon, Biju, who is related to police officer CPO Sunitha, is summoned for being a constant trouble-maker. Praveen and his senior officer (Asst Sub Inspector) ASI Maniyan get into a scuffle with the goon and locks him up in the cell. But soon, he is released without charges due to political influence of his Dalit party.

After a wedding party, Maniyan and Praveen are drunk, joined by Sunitha who accepts a lift. With Maniyan’s nephew Rahul as driver, they get into a collision with a motorbike. They move to assist, realizing that the bike rider, Jayan was a friend of Biju’s. Rahul flees from the scene immediately, after which they get spotted by civilians. They attempt to rescue Jayan, who was however announced dead on arrival, sending the Biju’s mob into a rage, forcing the trio to flee to their station.

At the station, Maniyan realizes that they will be accused of murder and arrested soon, resulting in the trio fleeing and on the run. With political pressure mounting on the Police to frame them, they retreat to Munnar to seek asylum with an old acquaintance of Maniyan.

The chief minister himself gets involved in the matter due to an impending by election where the support of Dalit organization is crucial for victory. A squad of senior police officers, lead by SP Anuradha are sent in pursuit of the fugitives. They manage to locate the runaways, but can not launch an assault due to the strategic location of their hiding place. Back in the city, Police decides to stage a drama with the allowance of the chief minister. They announce that all three police officers are arrested and parades dummies with face covered to the media.

When the squad finally makes the move, Praveen and Sunitha runs, only to find Maniyan hanging dead in a building with a suicide video note in his mobile phone, as a dying declaration. Due to the previous dummy arrest, the squad is in trouble. The chief minister threatens blame on the police department, ordering them to clean up the mess. Praveen tries to escape to safeguard the suicide video but is captured and is arrested along with Sunitha and is brought to the police club along with Maniyan’s body.

Police officers stage Maniyan’s suicide in the police custody and compels the other two to give corroborating statements, which make Maniyan responsible for the death of the Dalit youth and thus making them free of the crime. When Praveen and Sunitha both refuse, they are given time to change their mind till they get to the court. They are then placed in custody and transported to court in a police van, as the voting for the by-elections take, they go to the court.

Songs of malayalam movie Nayattu

Music by Vishnu Vijayan

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  1. Appalaale – Madhuvanthi Narayan

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