Cheraathukal (transl. Clay Lamps) is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language anthology film, which has six stories, each painting different shades of love. The film is released on 17 June 2021 on 7 OTT platforms: Nee Stream, Saina Play, First Shows, High Hopes (HH), Zinea, Cave, FilMe, Koode, Roots Video and Limelight.

Story plot of the movie cheraathukal

There are six short films in this movie, each painting different shades of love. Love is like an ocean and its vastness is what this movie tries to capture.

Veyil Veezhave

The story depicts the bond between a caring bubbly young home nurse and the senior citizen whom she came to take care.


This is the story of a dancer following her deep love towards her passion and finding that with the help of her love.


The Story starts with the development of a relationship and progressing to the escape of the female character from the clutches of evil when she trusted her instincts


This is a tale of an everlasting love that prompts one to wait his entire life for his love.


A nun’s love for the underprivileged and the marginalized and the cost she pays when the decision of a kind act delays.

Saamoohya Paadam

This is a story of a youngster and his love for his own people and his urge to do something for them.

Trailer of malayalam movie Cheraathukal